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Project Description
An implementation of SuffixTree in C# and in F#. The visualization client (SuffixTreeView) shows how to build the tree. The simple client shows how to build and search it.

Usage is simple:

            using Algorithms.CSharp; // or using Algorithms.FSharp;
            SuffixTree tree = new SuffixTree(text);
            while (true)
                Console.WriteLine("Enter search string:");
                string line = Console.ReadLine();
                int start = -1;
                int end = -1;
                if (tree.TryFind(line, ref start, ref end))
                    Console.WriteLine("Found: Start = {0}, End = {1}", start, end);
                    Console.WriteLine("Not Found");


New version of QuickGraph is not working well with GraphSharp (old version). I did not investigate the issue any further, so to visualize the tree binaries included in the download should be used.

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